Today's retail/distribution companies are increasingly facing the dual threats of escalating shrinkage and workplace violence. This challenge is compounded by the desire to maintain an employee-friendly work environment while addressing these key business issues.

Iscon Imaging's patented infrared (IR) based detection is the only technology available that can provide real-time, high-resolution images of actual threats, contraband and merchandise concealed on a person. This is achievable due to the lack of privacy- and health-related issues present with other more invasive screening technologies such as backscatter x-ray, transmission x-ray and millimeter wave. In addition, Iscon's ability to provide real-time images overcomes the inefficiencies of "blind" technologies such as walk-through metal detectors and hand wands. Iscon's IR-based technology coupled with advanced image processing is able to detect all types of materials including metals, plastics, powders, ceramics, gem stones and clothing items.

Iscon Imaging is the leading supplier of personnel screening equipment that provides for both employee safety and loss-prevention deterrence. Iscon's technology is available in both full-body scanners as well as fully portable handheld products. Iscon will work with your loss prevention and security personnel to perform a comprehensive site review and analysis resulting in a high-throughput, high-deterrence entrance/exit zone which maintains an employee-friendly atmosphere. Protect your valuable employees and merchandise today with one cost effective solution.