Employee Safety

Workplace violence is an emerging threat that plagues all types of businesses. The United States has seen a large increase in violent workplace events during recent years. These incidents cost companies millions of dollars a year in both liability and incidental costs.

Companies are increasingly being urged by authorities such as OSHA to implement employee safety solutions. Without reasonable protection, companies are left at risk for significant fines and or legal judgments.

Nonmetallic weapons have become readily available creating new challenges and concerns for security personnel. Targeted security screening can help mitigate the influx of weapons and other contraband that threaten employee safety.   

Don't be a statistic

  • There are 2 million victims of workplace violence every year
  • Costs range from $6.4 billion to $36 billion annually before legal fees
  • Legal settlements are around $500,000 and jury awards usually reach $3 million per case
  • There were 698 deaths by intentional injury in 2012
  • 463 of those deaths were ruled as homicides

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