Loss Prevention

Businesses that warehouse, distribute, and/or ship products are prone to shrinkage. Retail distribution centers, shipping warehouses and other asset transfer facilities with large inventories are particularly vulnerable.

Large numbers of employees routinely work among electronics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, tools and other merchandise that offer opportunity to conceal items under clothing. Without a targeted screening strategy, these employees can easily walk out of the facility with the retailers’ assets.

Don't be a Statistic

  • Costs $112 Billion per year
  • Theft is more likely to be committed by an employee than a nonemployee
  • 2.5% of employees are apprehended for theft from employer
  • 78,000 employees are apprehended for theft from employers per year
  • Only $55 Million is recovered from apprehended employees
  • Employee theft from employers increased by 6.5% in 2013
  • Employee theft is considered the most severe threat facing the entire retail industry today


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