How it Works

Iscon products detect objects hidden under clothing by employing patented “thermo-conductive infrared” technology.  The basic idea is simple: Blow hot air on a screening subject, and then watch the subject cool with thermal (long-wave) infrared video.  Where something is concealed, clothing over it cools at a rate different from clothing nearby.  The operator knows something is hidden because thermal IR imagery shows contrast between locations with different cooling profiles.  Essentially, hidden objects are “imprinted” on the operator’s display by differential cooling.  Thermal imprints share shape and many details with underlying concealed objects, so an Iscon user sees what they’re looking at. 

Iscon systems are safe.  They don’t expose subjects to artificial radiation of any kind because everything around us – including people – “glows” naturally in thermal infrared.

Iscon systems don’t violate subjects’ privacy because long-wave IR (LWIR) light doesn’t pass through clothing.  When viewing clothed areas, LWIR cameras only see light that originates from the clothing itself, not from anything underneath.


The ISCON Patented 3-Step Process

    Low velocity warm air momentarily heats a person's clothing and any objects concealed underneath.
    As the heat dissipates, the clothing and hidden objects cool down at differing rates.
    The infrared (IR) camera scans the person and takes a thermal image. All concealed objects show difference in image contrast.



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