ISCON Imaging Takes a Look Back at ASIS 2015
With our first ASIS show successfully behind us, the team at ISCON Imaging is able to reflect back on a great week in sunny Anaheim, Calif. During our time at ASIS, we met with a number of potential customers and media, as well as individuals who were curious as to how our thermal infrared (IR) screening devices work. Read More.

ISCON Imaging Highlights Applicability in New Markets and Applications at ASIS 2015
It’s been an exciting year for us here at ISCON Imaging with the recent announcement of the company’s expanded focus into new markets. Read More. 

A New Technology to Protect Your Business
Today’s business owners are well aware of the importance of looking around the corner for the next big opportunity to better their business; but where does securing their business against lost revenue fall on the priority list? Have retailers in particular taken all of the necessary steps to protect against employees who may be removing merchandise form the workplace? Read More.

ISCON Protector Votes Blog
ISCON Imaging is proud to announce that our signature full-body scanner, SecureScan®, has been nominated as a finalist for the GIT Security Awards! Read More.

Welcome to the new ISCON Imaging blog. Through this dynamic forum, we look forward to discussing with our readers the news and trends that impact the physical security, retail and healthcare industries – particularly the fast-evolving worlds of employee safety and loss prevention. Read More.

ISCON Reflects on RILA Asset Protection
ISCON Imaging recently wrapped a successful week in the Sunshine State, where our booth received a large number of potential customers, media and conference attendees at the Retail Industry Leaders’ Association 2015 Asset Protection Conference in Orlando, Fla. Read More.

ISCON Showcases Imaging Solutions at Jewelers Security Alliance Conference
For retail businesses of all kinds, theft is one of those challenges that is always top-of-mind. And like any type of other retailer, jewelers are always looking for ways to better protect their precious inventory. Read More.