ISCON Imaging Focuses on Expanding Market Awareness at Secured Cities Conference

Woburn, Mass., November 3, 2015ISCON Imaging Inc., a manufacturer of patented infrared (IR) imaging screening systems, will discuss its expanded focus into campus, government and healthcare markets during the Secured Cities Conference Nov. 10-12, 2015, in Houston. During the event, ISCON will also highlight its patented FocusScan™ solutions at booth 324.

ISCON’s innovative screening solutions drive new levels of safety and asset protection in a multitude of environments, including education, transportation, homeland security and healthcare. Its flagship FocusScan™ and SecureScan™ screening solutions allow security personnel to scan an individual, producing an image that identifies any hidden objects. ISCON’s screening technologies emit low-velocity air, which gently warms a person’s clothing, along with any object concealed underneath. Once the warm air stops, the individual’s clothing and any concealed items cool down. Clothing over concealed objects cools at a different rate than the concealed objects, producing strong temperature contrast. A temperature-sensitive IR camera captures images of the entire area and reveals the contrast of any object hidden under clothing.

Over the last year, ISCON has experienced substantial growth as organizations seek screening technologies to eliminate health and privacy concerns found in other security technologies. As need for security and risk detection continue to expand, there has been an increased interest in implementing ISCON screening solutions as part of a multi-layered security approach to help minimize risk, strengthen safety and security efforts, and proactively address theft and loss in high risk environments. Video surveillance and access control aren’t enough — today, there are new ways to visually capture critical security data before a potential breach can occur.

Effective and reliable identification and access control is critical to the overall security of high-risk areas within a facility. ISCON delivers peace of mind for these areas where critical data and high-value assets must be protected to ensure long-term business viability.

“ISCON continues to evolve and grow its business by stretching to meet the security screening needs of various markets,” said Bill Gately, CEO, ISCON Imaging. “We look forward to meeting security professionals and attendees at the upcoming Secured Cities Conference to share our story and define the ISCON difference.”

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ISCON Imaging provides safe, high-resolution, whole-body scanners that quickly identify concealed items without using radiation or violating personal privacy. ISCON’s patented thermo-conductive technology combines infrared (IR) imaging and heat transfer for high-resolution screening. Its robust product portfolio includes the SecureScan™ and FocusScan™ security scanners. ISCON Imaging solutions help protect both assets and personnel in a variety of markets across the globe. For more information, visit

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