SecureScan conducts whole-body scans that let you see objects hidden under clothing, without concerns about health or privacy.  It is a fully automated platform that utilizes Iscon’s patented thermo-conductive infrared technology. It is user friendly for both operators and screening subjects.

For the operator, SecureScan displays an image from an advanced infrared camera on a high-quality touch screen, and records the images (time/date-stamped) for later audit and/or download.  All system actions, including image management and machine operation, are controlled from the touch screen.

For the subject, SecureScan requires only that they step toward the system with hands at their sides.  Easy-to-see electronic indicators let the operator know when the subject is properly positioned.

Winner of the 2015 Platinum Govie for Loss Prevention.


Dimensions 47.5”Lx41”Wx84”H
Weight 750 lbs
Electrical 200-240VAC/30A; 50-60Hz

Download our Spec Sheet Here:

PDF iconSecureScan Spec Sheet.pdf

Patent Pending